Kyle Lee-Anderson (twin brother of Trent Lee-Anderson) was born in Gallup, New Mexico on January 12, 1993. At a young age Kyle along with his brothers Trent and Wyatt began working on jewelry with their father Allison (Snowhawk) Lee, a talented well-known silversmith.

On Kyle’s mothers side, his great grandfather and great grandmother worked on jewelry, passing along techniques through the generations – making him and his brothers 4th generation silversmiths. Kyle has become skilled at making Navajo pearls and fluted design beadwork from single strand necklaces to traditional squash blossoms. He has been perfecting other types of jewelry like pendants, earrings, and bolo ties. Kyle likes to use natural turquoise like Number Eight, Morenci, Egyptian, Blue Gem, Kingman, and Carico Lake in his work. 

Kyle’s inspirations come from his role models that include: Charles Loloma, Raymond & Lee Yazzie, Vernon Haskie, Ira & Gary Custer, Aaron Anderson, Jennifer Curtis, Ray Tracey, Herbert Taylor, Kenneth Johnson and Cody Sanderson. Kyle’s hobbies include skateboarding, hiking, fishing, and playing the piano.

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